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1 May 2017

Brand building or Trade marketing? Carte Noire found the answer


Carte Noire is one of the first brands to partner with Kantar on their new PowerPurchase solution: a tool that links the brand to real market share. Time to share the experience.

Recently I visited Carte Noire freshly acquired by Lavazza in their stunning new office at Boulogne (Paris area). We were warmly welcomed by their teams and you could tell by the diversity of people invited to our session that something pretty interesting was about to happen. Sales, equity, insights, communication: almost all marketing departments were represented. My friend and colleague Sandra Bergamo (Expert Solutions Director at Kantar Worldpanel) and I were today’s speakers with the heavy duty of presenting what we like to call the first PowerPurchase study to be conducted in France. PowerPurchase is a Kantar Millward Brown and KantarWorldPanel partnership solution, connecting brand equity with actual household purchasing behaviour.

“It’s simply unique, giving a full picture of the consumer journey”

It can be used as a highly bespoke validation of our equity metrics and actual purchase for brands where household panel data exists but it is a solution in its own right that sits independently of tracking, answering these key questions:

  • How much of your sales come from brand equity?
  • How can you optimize your brand positioning and what’s the financial return of doing so?
  • How can you maximize the conversion of equity to sales at the Point Of Sale?
  • Should you invest in brand building or trade marketing?

In other words, it’s simply unique, giving a full picture of the consumer journey, from predisposition to behavior using single source data. Carte Noire teams had, to say the least, strong expectations and our mission was to make sure their trust and investment to Kantar were worth it. They were particularly excited to learn more about the soft pods and capsules segments where, unlike R&G coffee, Carte Noire doesn’t enjoy a leader’s position. The presentation encountered success as you could tell by the excitement all along as insights and figures filled the air.

Based on our results, actions such as range and format extension, pack renewal, relevant brand associations and key retailers were identified to leverage growth. In the end, our client was hugely satisfied with our approach:

« Impressively integrated and complete. Finally a tool that links the brand to business, the strategy to action, providing deep recommendations both actionable and measurable »

Christophe Pouyes – Directeur Informations & Stratégies – CARTE NOIRE SAS

If like Carte Noire you want to know the proportion of your equity fueled sales and identify activations (Trade & Brand) that will grow your market share, stop waiting and let’s find out together!

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